About Me

I have enjoyed a successful career as an engineer, music editor and producer. Beginning as an intern at Sony Music Studios, London, I have since worked on a variety of projects ranging from full orchestral film scores and commercial records with some of the eminent producers, composers and artists of our time.

After graduating from the Tonmeister course at Surrey University I continued my training at Sony/Whitfield Street Studios under the guidance of the legendary engineer Mike Ross-Trevor, spending 3 years in the orchestral studio. I was then assigned to Dave Bascombe mainly assisting his mixing and performing any additional recording for him for almost a year working on acts like James, Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, Greg Alexander, and Lamb.

The producers Bacon & Quarmby then based themselves in the penthouse studio at Sony for two years and I became central to their production team, engineering much of their work during that time (Sugababes, Finlay Quaye, Shaznay Lewis, Oi Va Voi). I also began to work outside the studio recording Lamb’s fourth album amongst others.

I went freelance in 2003 when Sony closed down the studio and spent much of the next 3 years working in film as a music editor beginning on Troy at Shepperton Studios. After that I was part of the teams working on the film scores for Kingdom of Heaven, Batman Begins, Wallace & Gromit and the Da Vinci Code with Harry Gregson-Williams, James Newton-Howard and Hans Zimmer based at Sarm, Air, Abbey Road and RAK studios. During this time I also continued to work on commercial records and had a production room at RAK.

In the summer of 2007 I was mixing a record at The Church Studios. While there, David Gray was working on his Greatest Hits and I was asked mix the new tracks World To Me and Destroyer that were produced by George Martin's protégé, Chris Thomas (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, INXS, Sex Pistols). This led to a lasting working partnership with David Gray, mixing the records Draw The Line and Foundling. I have continued to work with him, recording and mixing the lead track on the John Martyn tribute album, Let The Good Things Come, and helping mix his last two albums, Mutineers and Gold In A Brass Age.

However, much of my work over the last 5 years has continued as a music editor, working on full features for Disney, Warner Bros. and Paramount as well as TV Shows for Netflix, FX Network and HBO.

I am based in the Tileyard Studios complex. The Munro-designed 5.1 studio is ideal for music production, enabling both recording and mixing, combining vintage and new analogue equipment with the latest Avid HDX technology and a wealth of instruments including a Steinway piano.

For a full list of credits, please view my resumé, or my IMDB page.